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The happiness of your people is another factor which has a big impact on your villageís prosperity. But how do you control it?

Each person is born with their own natural disposition, but there are several factors which influence it over the course of their lifetime:

The most important factor out of all of these is the villagersí health. Keep health up and youíll keep the villagers happy.


A person goes into mourning when someone close to them dies. A mourning period lasts for about 18 months, and its severity depends on the death in question -- whether itís a child, a spouse or a parent, etc., and how they died.

Whilst everyone will probably go into mourning at some point in their lives, and you canít control it directly, you can lessen its impact. By keeping health high, especially during periods of bad weather, you will reduce the number of deaths from disease, and by protecting the village during times of widespread poor harvests you will reduce problems caused by marauding bandits. You will notice that there is a big dip in happiness whenever there are many deaths simultaneously in the village. This is caused by widespread mourning and depression at the villageís poor fortune.