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Flooding & flood control

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Floods are a major and increasing problem in your area of Japan. Japan has a very wet climate, typical of island nations, and the problems of flooding are being slowly but surely exacerbated by deforestation and soil erosion caused by clearing fields for crops.

The amount that flooding will affect you depends on the location of your village. Lowland villages can have major problems with it, whereas mountainous areas are relatively free of flooding. Coastal areas sit in between the two.

If floods become a serious enough problem for your village, your advisor will inform you that flood defences can be built. These defences take the form of levees, dykes and drainage channels. They take back breaking labour to build but can be absolutely essential to the long term safety of your village. You can keep building and improving the defences as much as you like, but aiming for as many defences as you have fields cleared is a good idea.