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Crop disease

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Crop disease, in the form is pests, moulds and infections, is a constant threat in the village. It can strike at any time, and the harm can be anywhere between minor and devastating.

The likelihood that disease will strike is primarily affected by the weather. Hot and especially wet weather increases the chance of disease, and different crops are susceptible to different extents. You canít control the weather, but you can control the crops you plant, and this is the key to reducing the harm you experience from crop disease.

As a general rule of thumb, the hardier the crop in terms of its performance in poor weather, the more disease resistant it will be (although there are some exceptions). For crops that have one than one variety, each variety has its own disease resistance. Barley, soy beans and cotton all have low resistance, whereas javanica and millet are very resistance to disease. So, keep track of which crops succumb most and least often to help you plan your future planting.

As well as making sure you plant the most resistant crops at the riskiest times, it is also wise to plant a wide variety of crops. Disease is less likely to strike when your fields are full of many different things, and if it does strike, it is likely only to affect one crop. The temptation in good weather is always to plant only your best performing crops, but if you do this a bountiful harvest could turn very easily into a disastrous one.