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About The Rice Harvest

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The Rice Harvest is a relaxed strategy and resource management game set in Edo period Japan. The player takes the role of a village headman, or shoya, and, during his or her 50 year tenure, guides the village through rich and lean times towards the ultimate goal of lasting prosperity.

The game uses an advanced population model to simulate effects such as disasters, nutrition, aging, disease and overall population growth realistically. Each member of the population is handled individually, including their family relationships, health, nutrition, happiness and other factors. People get married, have children, sicken and die much as they would in the real world. Crop yields, soil fertility and local markets are all have detailed models behind them, taking into account the ever varying weather and other factors. All this adds up to a rich and intricate game experience, spiced up with historically accurate and random events.

The game was created and is owned and operated by Late Night Games. It runs in-browser and is written in JavaScript with the Late Night Web Library. User accounts, data storage, blog and CMS services are provided by Renaissance.


Game design and concept: Rob Chant
Development: Rob Chant
Artwork: Tom Buch
Content: Rob Chant and Darran Biles
Icon set: Fugue by Yusuke Kamiyamane

Additional code

JSZip by Stuart Knightley
JSUnzip and JSInflate August Lilleaas